If you don’t fit in, you’re in.
You’re the loud one
You’re the class clown
You’re the quiet one at the back
You’re the one that
Lives music
Breathes film
Soaks up culture
Let’s your words do the talking.
You are talent in the raw and advertising needs you
As an industry we thrive on new ideas.
You have them
We need them
We’re losing people like you
Not in a slow drip
In a fucking torrent
We’re losing you to an expensive education system that excludes diverse talent
To families who can’t support their kids for the years it takes to secure a living wage after graduation
We’re losing you to London rents,
Gender bias…
And hiring in our own image. And that image is pale, male and stale
We’ve let you down
We’ve let ourselves down.
The Creative Circle Foundation is here to not only put you through Ad school.
Allowing you to learn your craft with the best
We’ll also support you when you leave
Helping with rents
Helping you find a job.
You don’t need grades
You don’t need a dad in the industry
You just need swagger
And an application form.
What have you got to lose.